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Christ-Roi church (20th)


In the 19th century, the town developed quickly around the Burgundy Canal then around the railroad.

The Burgundy Canal, an imposing 242 km long water staircase with 189 locks that has connected the Yonne to Migennes (since 1832).

The railroad, when it arrived in Migennes (12th August 1849), was a revolution. Although the city boasted a fortified church and a chapel from the 19th century, which was built in the middle of the PLM cities, the new town wanted to build a basilica in the 20th century.


A donation enabled the construction of the Christ-Roi church (20th century)

Work by architect Gaston Fontaine, the “Lourdes” by the railroaders, was built from reinforced concrete: a material that was revolutionary at the time and it was new in France.

The 60m high tower, decorated with a diamond-shaped brick inlay, that is visible to the people passing by. Thanks to the faith and religious enthusiasm of its founder Pierre-Joseph Magne, the church was inaugurated on 27th October 1937.

The admirable, monumental, statue of Christ carved by Pierre Vigouroux, the rose window by the glassmaker David from Auxerre, the stained glass windows by Roger Moureau and an allegorical painting by Falcucci.

The building is open during the religious office hours.

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