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The cabaret l’Escale


The artists that are now using the stage of the cabaret, which was renovated in 2004 by the Municipality, are impressed by its passed.

It was rebuilt in 1950, out of the ruins of the old dance hall of l’Hotel de la Reunion, that was destroyed by bombs in June 1940. The Escale opened its doors on the 6th October 1951.

With the contests of the local organisations, Michel Wattelier, the young owner, organised many evening parties and many balls.


As of 1953, in addition to the accordionists, trumpeters and famous orchestras like that of Marcel Azzola and of Marc Taynor, Michel decided to hire singers. His dream was to invite Edith Piaf, from whom he borrowed the title of her song (“L’Escale”) to christen his cabaret.

In 1961, a letter was received and gave a glimpse of this being possible. But Edith, was ill and unable to keep her promise and past away in the autumn of 1963. However, until 1963, then intermittently until 1989, the establishment welcomed many stars of the singing and entertainment world such as: Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, Johnny Hallyday, Fernand Reynaud, Jean Ferrat, Juliette Greco, Sidney Bechet and many more... Each act lasting approximately 30 minutes.


“La legend de l’Escale” by Alain Vincent, Ed. de l’Armancon (is available at the Tourist Office)

Salle de spectacles, concerts

Place Eugène Laporte 89400 MIGENNES 

Tél : 09 83 01 65 16

Detailed program can be found on

For reservations and similar enquiries head to the Tourist Office.

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